Trip Report – Farnes 4-5 November 2017

Charter Boat diving with the seals on the Farnes. Organised by Fred 

On Saturday the 19 ECSAC divers met at Seahouses around 9:00, we were blessed with really nice whether for diving, flat sea and some sun what more could we ask for.   The group did two really nice dives with good visibility and plenty of friendly seals, and saw lots of lobsters. Everyone returned to the harbour with a really big smile. 

But for an ECSAC diver the dives are not enough, we all went to the pub to warmup for a curry dinner. After the dinner the group returned to the pub for some more drinks and to share more stories.  On Sunday the day started very windy and cold, but despite the conditions we managed to do one dive and see lots of seals.

All in all It was a great dive weekend, I think we should repeat it next year :)”

Feedback from the trip and photos from Vesta, Steve and Alison. 

Fantastic dives. Loving the Seals!
Good vis as far as I could tell. Water was about 12 degrees.

Andy sprung a big leak. Oops.
Lots of crabs, few lobsters and some fish.

Vesta took this photo so not sure how she ended up in it holding a scallop!

and a great night out! (photos courtesy of Steve Welton).

Only one dive on the Sunday. Sea got a bit rough!!
Great skipper! Sovereign Diving were great.

and some photos from Alison.

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