Highball saga continues - Sunday 24th October 2021

Kevin has been back in contact with the DeHavilland museum following the discovery of the pistol and weights on the underside of their Highball (as seen on the BSAC website and newsfeed). The team at the Museum have been working hard to finally remove the bomb from the water bath and move it to its new display plinth.

The team at the Museum said “I’m very pleased to say that our ‘lift’ of Highball yesterday was a great success, revealing the ‘squashed’ part of the bomb to be in very good condition”.

You can see the bomb now removed from its water bath in the photos.

Kevin has been in touch with the museum to arrange a visit to see the bomb and to meet the restoration team.  They are delighted to welcome us to the museum, and we will have an opportunity to meet many of the team responsible for the conservation as well as being able to see the bomb in position next to the Mosquito Bomber and we are sure learn more about the planes that carried these bombs.  We will also have many of the original Highball Project Team joining us as well as ECSAC members who have revisited the Bombs in Loch Striven in our follow-up expeditions.  (see the 3D model produced as part of this here).

 If you would like to join this trip on Sunday 24th October, please let Kevin know.

The restoration team