Impromptu Anglesey Weekend 4/5th September 2021

The weather forecast for the weekend was good. Phil and Pat decided to send a Google Group to club members to see if anyone fancied a Saturday dive on The Cartagena and a Sunday exploratory dive on Pinnacle C and a non-tidal dive under the Coastguard station at Rhoscolyn. Mark & Anna and Jane said yes. We therefore had enough interest to run the trip.

Saturday:  The Delta was launched at Amlwch. Mark drove it round to Traeth Buchan ready to make our way out to the Cartegena which is 12 miles offshore, lies in 37m of water, is upright and intact.

With wind over tide and a choppy sea we had a slow journey out. Phil had the misfortune to puncture his wrist seal on the way and so couldn’t dive. He did however shot the wreck perfectly and had slack water timed correctly.

The viz was about 7m and the water temperature a comfortable 16C. Every structure of the wreck was covered in Plumose anemones. Shoals of Bib and Pollock were in every hold and around the whole of the wreck. We spotted Conger Eels, Ballan Wrasse, large edible crabs, Velvet Swimmers, free swimming Tompot Blennies, Butterfish, nudibranchs etc. A super dive.

The recovery went smoothly, and we left Traeth Buchan at 6pm. Phil and I detoured via Amlwch to collect a new wrist seal and glue from John Gill.

Sunday:  We met in Rhoscolyn carpark at 7.30 am. Cheshire Cat was prepped, loaded, and then launched without any problems We headed out to find Pinnacle C. It was then shotted and we waited for the tide to slacken enough to put the first buddy pair in. Pinnacle C was very different to pinnacles A&B.

The viz was about 3m and the rocky surfaces were quite silty. The pinnacle steepened with depth which combined with current meant good buoyancy was essential.

It was covered in marine life. Horn wrack, huge Elephants sponges, Sea orange, Finger Bryzoa, Antenna hydroids patches of Jewel Anemones, White and Fried Egg Elegant anemones, numerous starfish, lobster, edible, spider and velvet swimming crabs, Tompot Blennies, Butterfish, nudibranchs, ledges filled with prawns Best find was a large Crayfish. Another excellent dive.

We had a quick turnaround in Rhoscolyn before heading out to dive the rocks beneath the Coastguard station. Good viz and again a wide variety of life. Edible and velvet swimmers, Sea Hares, numerous lobster, crevices full of squat lobster, nudibranchs massive Boring sponges and Tompot Blennies .

The recovery and dekitting of Cheshire Cat went smoothly. A late finish but worth it for a fabulous impromptu diving weekend.

Thanks to Phil for meticulous planning and organisation and to buddies Mark Anna and Jane.

Pat &Phil

Video by Dave Henderson