Anglesey Easter Weekend - 16th-17th April 2022

Trip Organiser – Phil Darlington

Trip report – Pat Spencer

As Top Cat was in for repair Phil checked and prepped Cheshire Cat on Wednesday evening. The journey to Anglesey on Thursday evening was surprisingly traffic free. We checked the slips and sea conditions at Treaddur Bay, Rhoscolyn , Bull Bay and Cemaes on Friday. Given that the winds were southerly and gusting 4’s Phil decided to launch from Bull Bay on Saturday and Cemaes on Sunday. Both car parks, on both days, were extremely busy with Kayakers and holiday makers.

As we were on Easter spring tides the sites chosen were non tidal. Our first dive was the Brick Works Pinnacle at Porth Wen. We spotted porpoise on the way out. The viz was a rather silty 1.5m and the water temperature a cool 9C. Despite the poor viz we saw Ballan Wrasse, Butterfish, Scorpion fish, Edible and Velvet Swimming crabs, several well camouflaged Spider Crabs, Cat Shark and one octopus, Dahlia and Elegant anemones, Oaten Pipe and an abundance of Sea Orange. 

On our way out to our second dive site, Trwnbychan Wall we had to stop to rescue one of the Coventry Uni shore divers who hadn’t anticipated the strength of a falling tide. Ken, Loz and Alison dived first but called it due to the current.

We all met up in the evening with non-divers Karen and Jane for a fish and chip supper.

On Sunday we were joined by Rosie and Helen at Cemaes. We motored out to find and shot The Abbotsford. The wreck is quite broken with large hull plates, dozens of iron ribs and several hatch coamings. Marine life was sparse. We saw large areas of Baked Bean Sea squirts plus several Sunstars, Bloody Henry and juvenile Gold Sinny.
As Phil and Alison had leaky suits only Helen and Rosie dived Lamb Island, in the afternoon with Phil coxing. Ironically, given its depth at 10m there was good vis and an abundance of marine life. The recovery was smooth and incident free.
Cheshire Cat was refuelled and returned to the club house on Easter Monday, washed down and de-kitted ready for the next outing.