Spain 25-30 June 2017

The Spain trip was a great success, with a week of safe, spectacular diving completed.  We managed to dive the marine reserve on the Medes Islands as well as exploring the coastline both north and south of the Bay of Roses (Pronounced Ross-Ass). We also found a new dive site off the Island of Maza de Oro which was named Loz’s Cave to recognise Loz’s discovery of the superb spot.  It is an amazing small swimthough festooned with fish, morays, and loads of life, as well as a family of large Grouper in the small cave.   This is to be forever known as Loz’s Cave and has been saved in the plotter on the boat so others can share our discovery.  As well as this we explored a number of caverns and caves, even extending the known extremities of the Cathedral Cave by laying in 140 meters of line.  We also located a nearby seemingly unexplored cave (as it was not on the dive site list) and this would be worth another visit with a longer cave reel to explore its depths (note all cave dives were conducted safely with qualified divers and redundant gas supply and lines laid).


You can see the video of the trip below.