Wreck Diving Eastbourne – Easter 2018

ONE SPACE – Easter Fri 30th March –Monday 2nd April 2018, from Sovereign Marina Eastbourne,  with Dive 125 and skipper Dave Ronnan. Nitrox available.





The diving will be mainly on wrecks although scenic drifts are also a possibility.

Here you can dive 2 wrecks per day on slack water with variable surface intervals from 2 to 5 hours

There is also the option of scenic and drift over the shoals and ledges off Eastbourne and Beachy Head which depending on the time and tide range from a gentle drift to an exhilarating 3 knots

Read more: http://www.dive125.co.uk/diving/eastbourne/

Cost £52pp per day = £208 plus air/nitrox. (It will be cheaper if we can charter the whole boat ). .  Please email Pat if interested