Nautical Archeology Society – Recorder and Surveyor Courses

NAS ran an event 1-3 December at Capernwray for the NW Region. Starting with a Recorder day (foundation) followed the Surveyor Course.  The course was run by Ian Cundy, one of their main trainers.

The Recorder day is required before the Surveyor Course. This is gives you access to their more exciting courses like photogrammetry in due course.

Friday saw a set of First Class Diver candidates along with Mark Paisey, Steve Welton and myself attend the entry level Recorder course to learn about approaches and techniques and conduct an initial site survey.

Over the weekend Steve and I attended the full Surveyor Course and learned a number of survey methods and the use of many of the Marine Archeology tools that will hopefully come in handy in our 2018 projects.

As we have club trips for 2018 that will use these techniques we plan to run some sessions to give anyone who is interested an insight into what is involved. Hopefully we will also be running a full NAS Photogrammetry Course at the club in the new year. If you are interested in an overview session or the Photogrammetry Course please let me know via [email protected]

All of the pictures and materials from the course can be found here.

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