Nautical Archaeology Talk – 22nd Feb 2018

We will be welcoming a representative of the Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) to the club on 22nd February 2018 to give us a talk on the work of NAS and to cover some of the training courses they run.

The club hopes to conduct some interesting projects in 2018 (see here for more details) and part of these projects will require Nautical Archaeology skills.  In addition we hope to secure funding to send members on NAS courses to develop skills like Photogrammetry.  We also recently attended a NAS Recorder and Surveyor Course, you can find photos and details of that here.

The talk will cover both the NAS training and examples of their current projects, such as the Holland No.5 Submarine.  This is a protected wreck that they regularly survey after being commissioned by Historic England to create a virtual diver trail of the wreck.   Several videos of the Holland 5 submarine can be found on the NAS YouTube Channel including news clips for 100th anniversary dives that were made in 2012.

As ever entry will be free.  All are welcome.

About NAS:

The NAS is dedicated to advancing education in nautical archaeology at all levels; to improving techniques in recording, preservation and reporting and to encouraging the participation of members of the public at all stages. The Nautical Archaeology Society is a non-government organisation formed to further interest in our under-water cultural heritage. We are a registered charity based in the United Kingdom, but with strong links to partner organisations around the world. We aim to preserve our archaeological heritage in the marine environment, by acting as a focus for coastal and marine archaeology. To do this we need to involve everyone- divers and non-divers, scientists, historians and anyone with an interest. Our underwater heritage is not renewable, and is at constant threat from natural and human agencies.