Trip Organiser’s Workshop – 2018

We are always very keen to encourage as many of our members as possible to organise trips. Whilst it is true you need a Dive Manager (Dive Leader or above) to look after the diving, anyone of any grade can organise a trip and with a little help from other members it means we should be able to put on more trips and arrange as much club diving as possible.


To that end we ran a trip organisers workshop for members which covered what you need to know to run trips, this included:

– what makes a good club trip
– organising equipment, what you need
– what skills (people) you need on the trip to make it work
– who in the club to approach to support your trips
– how to organise trips to reduce or remove the risk of losing deposits or booking fees
– challenges you may face and how to overcome them
– a template “good” trip and how it works
– the “easy” option – Hardboat trips and how they work
– Trips aboard – options and how to go about it.


The slides from the workshop are available for download – via the link below: