Fort Bovisand Trip – Plymouth October 2013

East Cheshire ran a trip to the South Coast chartering two boats for a series of late season dives.  bringing divers from both Cheshire and Richmond near London. Although late in the season we were very lucky with excellent weather and the best UK viz we had seen for two years.

We used Discovery Divers based out of Fort Bovisand and got to stay on site next to the atmospheric old battery (the old fort).  Some of the abandoned buildings are pretty spooky and a number of us explored the old abandoned naval diving centre which is rather reminiscent of a Zombie film set!  Thankfully the diving was not quite as scary and we had 5 excellent dives over the weekend with dives on the James Eagan Layne, the Scylla and out on Hands Deep (a 50m reef, with viz so good we did not need torches at 50m) as well as the famous Eddystone Reef next to the lighthouse.  Visibility was over 10 meters and all of our dives were excellent with lots of marine life and calm seas.

Videos of this year’s dives are now on YouTube:
Reef diving

Wreck of the Scylla