Scapa 100 Expedition – June 2019

ONE SPACE – Scapa Flow – 100th Anniversary Trip – 15th-22nd June 2019

Dive something Awesome!

The scuttling of the entire German High Seas Fleet took place at Scapa on 21 June 1919.  Scapa is without doubt one of the Top 10 wreck dive sites in the World!   It will be the 100th Anniversary of this event in 2019 – we will be there to take part!

We are running a club expedition – taking both club RIBs for a week’s diving on the famous Scapa Wrecks.

June 2019, a good way off but this is the 100th anniversary of the scuttling of the German high seas fleet. The exact date was 21.6.1919 so we aim to go to Orkney on Saturday 15th June 2019 so we will be there to dive and take in the commemorations.  We expect there will be a number of organised events during the week.

We plan to launch our RIBs at Gill on the north coast of Scotland and run both boats over to Scapa Flow (about 13 miles).  We will be based at a set of cottages in Stromness  and moor our RIBs in the Marina on  a pontoon berth, making the 20 minute trip out to the wrecks each day.

We have a very detailed plan in place and a solid dive team who are looking forward to a great (and historic) week.    We plan to dive most of the main wrecks, there are shore diving opportunities on the Churchill barrier block ships, along with scenic shore dives and submarine nets, blockships and lots to go at as well as visiting the museum, the italian church and some of the sites around the islands.