Photogrammetry Course – March 2018

We had an excellent NAS Photogrammetry Course delivered at the club by Rodrigo Ortiz Vazquez and supported by Trevor Rowe.

The objective of the course was to learn more about the techniques involved in Photogrammetry and how to take the right kind of photographs as well as use the software that produced the models.

It proved to be pretty tricky to get the models produced, particularly with a go-pro.  However after some expert tuition and switch of cameras we were all able to produce some superb results.

None better than Vesta’s fantastic shell round model!




Everyone went away having learned a great deal and full of enthusiasm for projects yet to come.

We were also treated to a glimpse into the current Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality tools at the front-edge of the modern Archeologists toolkit.  Awesome kit.

Much concentration was required when it came time to work up our models!

Course participants deep in thought contemplating their models.

You can see some of the models we produced below.

Pinnace Engine Exhaust by KJP543 on Sketchfab

Vesta’s Shell model.


Starfish7 by Martholloway on Sketchfab  (A model of the starfish from the ECSAC Display Cabinet)