Photo Competition 2015 – 20th Feb will be running a Photographic Competition again this year. There are 6 categories for you to enter and the competition is open to all club members. Prizes will be awarded to all winners, with a shield awarded for the best above water photograph and a cup for thebest underwater photograph. The winner of the best underwater photograph will have their picture displayed in the club hall of fame on the stairs.

Awards evening to be held on Saturday 28th November.


  • Underwater UK
  • Above Water UK
  • Underwater Abroad
  • Above Water Abroad
  • Humorous
  • Short Video (max 1 video per person max length 3 mins)


  • Open to all club members.
  • Photos to have been taken since Jan 2013 (last club competition).
  • Maximum of 3 photographs per category per person (1 video 3 minutes long).
  • Mixed above/below photos can be entered in either above water or underwater categories as per contestant’s preference.
  • Humorous captions can be included on images in the humorous category or sent in an email etc.
  • 6)  Images may be edited using photo editing software – if people don’t have access to such tools then I’m quite happy to straighten or crop images for you.
  • Closing date 31st October
  • Submissions by email to or by CD/DVD or any other method you prefer.
  • Any questions to Mark Hickson.