Isle of Man – 23-30 July 2016

This trip will be a week of RIB Diving around the Island based out of Port Erin.  It will be a two boat trip (maybe three), doing a crossing in the RIBs from Holyhead to Port Erin and also sending kit and some of the group by ferry.  This trip would be for Sports Divers and above (or divers with a 30m qualification if you have other qualifications on top of Ocean Diver).   Non-divers are also welcome and will share accommodation and travel costs but not the dive costs.

For anyone who doesn’t know the format. We take the RIB across the 51 miles from Anglesey to Port Erin. People who wish to go on the ferry can go via that route, we would also need to take a vehicle and the costs are spread across everyone. The expected cost is around £350-£400 including accommodation. It’s the cost of towing, accommodation and travel. So it’s the cheapest way to do it as there are no skipper/boat hire costs. The crossing is usually great fun  It’s also basking Shark season end of July too. We have had 20m Viz in the recent past.

See Kevin Phillips for more information.