Scapa Talk at the Club –  Half Term – Thursday 18th February 2016

We have booked a special guest to come to the club and give a talk on 18th February (Half Term week when the pool will be shut).  This talk is open to all and you are welcome (in fact encouraged) to invite non members, friends and dive buddies.  We hope for a good turnout so please make every effort to attend and drum up as much support as you can.

The talk will will start shortly after 8pm on the 18th and will have an intermission to allow for the sale of the obligatory bacon butties and a refill from the bar.

Rich Walker is a a world class instructor and the training director for GUE. He started Project Baseline and has done talks for Dive Life that have attracted a big audience at Bury Golf Club. His website is if you would like to know more about him.