Trip Report – Easter 2019 Haverford West Pembrokeshire

4 days diving with Dive Pembrokeshire UK.

Diving with Len Bateman aboard Predator.

Trip Report and Photos by Pat Spencer

We were so lucky to have 4 days of sunny weather with calm seas on days 1-3. We did however have  7m tides which dictated the dive sites available. The water temperature was 10C and the viz between 3-5m The wind picked up on Easter Monday as we dived the Dakotian . It was quite a surprise to surface in choppy seas and a force 5 wind blowing.

We met each morning at 9am and returned to the marina about 5pm.

Good Friday:

High Point North:

The dive site was a large boulder slope which led down to a rocky reef. Cat shark, octopus, numerous spider crabs, masses of scallops, 3 species of nudibranch, double spiral worms, lobster, edible and velvet swimmers were seen. The boulders were covered in a variety of hydroids, bryzoa and sponges.


Wreckage scattered amongst kelp covered boulders. A variety of sponges plus crevice sea cucumbers provided the colour .The constant surge had some buddy pairs back on board after 30 minutes.

Easter Saturday:

Skomer Wall:

Puffins, guillemots, fulmars, kittiwakes, plus seals on the rocks and beach, greeted us as we arrived in the sheltered bay.

We picked a depth and then drifted gently along the face of the wall which had ledges, cracks and crevices to explore. A wide variety of life including large orange sea fans , cat shark, squat lobster, butterfish, leopard spotted gobies, crevice sea cucumbers, nudibrancs, edible and velvet swimming crabs, a variety of sponges, hydroids and large Ross Coral .

High Point South:

A fabulous dive site –large boulders leading to rocky reef and a sandy bottom. As this is a protected area the sea bed was covered with large scallops, sand masons, tube anemones. We saw huge spider crabs, cat shark, octopus, nudibrancs, edible and velvet swimming crabs, reticulated gobies, Ross coral, huge boring sponges and on our safety stop barrel jellyfish.

Easter Sunday:

Stack Rocks:

A rocky reef leading down to a wall. A wide variety of life including  ballan wrasse , conger eels , spiral worms, dead mens fingers, cat shark, huge boring sponges, numerous spider crabs , cyprines,

Hen and Chicks:

Another super scenic dive with viz around 4 to 5m. Spider crab city! Dahlia anemones numerous edible and velvet swimming crabs, lobster,  Dead mens fingers, plumose anemones, numerous hermit crabs and gobies, sand mason, sea squirts ,hydroids bryzoa and nudibrancs.

(if you ever dive here in July beware of the trigger fish).

Easter Monday:

The Dakotian—a cable layer which was hit by a mine. The stern is the most intact part of the wreck. Viz around 3 m due to fine silt.  Jewel anemones and Devonshire cup coral provided the colour.


Thanks to buddies Tim, Ken, Wilf, Dave, Janet, Anna and Mark . Sadly Clive was unwell and had to go home.


Pat & Phil