Awards Evening 2020

ECSAC hold their Annual Awards Dinner run at the Tytherington Club.

The date is set for the 2020 Awards Dinner.  29th February.  Please put this date in your diary. 

In 2019 we had a good turnout for the dinner, dancing and awards ceremony.  We were able to celebrate what was a great year in 2018 for the club and to recognise many of the people that contributed and made it such a good year.

The Awards were as follows:

Ocean Diver of the Year – awarded to Helen Hamer

Helen is a worthy winner, she became an Ocean Diver early in 2018. Did really well in her training and has progressed quickly and now a really active member of the club, she has been on lots of trips and events in the last year as well as organising the Try Dives.  She is also a nominee for the Club Member of the Year and on the cusp of the top 10 of our league table of club dives in 2018.

This was a hotly contested category this year with a few notable people progressing into (and beyond the Ocean Diver Grade in the Year).

There were a few people who also stood out this year:

Becky Welton.  Joined in April, managed to do some diving in the UK and abroad and even diving in a dry suit in Capernwray.  Great Job!

Simon Morton – managed to qualify as an Ocean Diver, progress to Sports and has even dived the Thistlegorm all within his first 12 months as a diver!

We also saw Simon Brady and David Robinson qualify and move onto open water diving with enthusiasm.

Club Diver of the Year – awarded to Jon Green

My choice for winner of club diver of the year was Jon, who has contributed enormously to the diving within the club, bringing on trainees, new divers and developing the skills of divers across the club as well as running many trips both in the UK and abroad.

There are also a lot of other divers worth calling out in this category.

I’ll start with last year’s winner Clive..  Double the number of club dives of anyone else in the club in 2018…. A lot of those delivering training in Capernwray and really helping the other members.   Superb effort well done Clive.

Dave Lloyd our Treasurer and second place in the clubs league table of divers.  A regular at the club and on many of our trips, and really contributing to the club. Well done Dave.

Steve Welton, high up on the league table and a major contributor to the club and running a lot of club trips and of course our outgoing equipment officer having done a superb job of keeping the club kit in tip top condition.  Also a previous winner of Club Member of the Year.

Alison, number 6 on our league table and major contributor to the club, helping with socials and as club Secretary.

Club Member of the Year – awarded to Paul Tyers

All of the nominees were as follows:

Paul Tyers            

•              His perseverance in ensuring the Club’s ownership of the land and for his work in sorting out an income from the car park, both of which have secured the future of the club and will change the way it can operate in the future.

•              His commitment to and passion for the Club and all its events.

Clive Byrne          

•              Running the bar & doing food for the bar,

•              Making fab cakes

•              Always being keen to go diving.

•              His services to training new members.

•              So many visits to Capernwray!

Jon Green            

•              Being a good training officer & delivering training for all diver grades.

Andy Bickerdyke

•              His work on the bar and always pulling out amazing set decorations for our social events.

Simon Lowrie      

•              Helping out with the bar and generally being involved with the Club.

Pat Spencer         

•              Her organisation of a significant amount of club diving during 2018 in some exciting and challenging locations (around the UK and in Norway). Without Pat, our trip board wouldn’t be as full or varied.

Sue Wainwright  •              Her commitment to and passion for the Club.

•              All the help given with maintaining the clubhouse site, supporting dive trips, and towing the boats cheerfully and willingly.

Helen Hamer       •              Her help with running the Club training by arranging the try dives: ensuring that instructors and equipment are arranged and that the try divers have the information they need to enjoy the experience and hopefully to join the club.

Steve Welton       •              Being an all- round Top Guy!

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