Announcing the ECSAC Projects Fund

ECSAC Project Fund – please put forward your ideas.

The ECSAC Project Fund was announced at the club AGM in 2019.  This is to encourage ideas for trips with a purpose, and is a project fund that will support the costs of at least one project per year going forward.  The idea is to promote more “Project Diving” within the club.

Project Diving ideas, such as

  • Mapping
  • Surveys
  • Conservation
  • Photogrammetry
  • Identifying new sites (including mapping, production of dive guides)
  • Etc etc

Funding will be provided from the club to encourage these kinds of trips.  The club will select at least one project annually and fund, all towing and boat fuel and possibly project specific equipment needed – subject to agreement and affordability (all funded equipment will remain the property of the club after the trip).

All club members are encouraged to put forward their ideas to the committee.  Please send in a project outline (max two pages) outlining your ideas.   These must be with the committee by the end of May 2019 for consideration for this year’s funding round.

Submissions must include:

  • An outline of what the trip is trying to achieve. (objectives, outputs etc)
  • What will the trip deliver to the club and potentially the wider diving community?
  • What equipment is required for the trip – what do we need to purchase to support it.
  • Broad estimate of trip costs (fuel and equipment required).
  • Outline of the types of diving expected.
  • Key roles needed in the project (potentially what skills will be developed on the trip).

Preference will be given to trips that encourage involvement across the club and deliver an output that has long term benefit to the club or the wider diving community.

These projects will hopefully result in us Investing in expedition equipment and supporting the towing and boat fuel costs of the trip as well as building up the club’s stock of kit to support broader more adventurous trips, off the grid diving, camping  equipment, BBQs and equipment to support projects.

One such project may be…

Maen Mellt – Potential Club Project