Diving in the Clyde with Wreckspeditions 16-17th November 2019

Vesta is now organising a full weekends diving with Wreckspeditions  taking place on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th November this year (my last dives as an unmarried woman…here’s my chance).  This will consist of 2 dives per day and would be aimed at more experienced sports (with depth progression) and above as the wrecks will be approx 30m and although the vis was brilliant at 6-8m it was dark.
The diving will be £400 per day split between 8 people (£50 each per day). Accommodation is dependant on who books and how many beds are needed however I am looking to book into Weymms bay into a holiday park with prices approx £70per person for the weekend arriving on the Friday. The park will only let you book for a minimum of 3 nights so those wishing to stay through to the Monday can do should they wish…who knows I may even see if I can get a third Days diving should there be enough take up.
Here is some information about the two wrecks I saw on Saturday to give people an idea of what’s available
The Greenock Bucket Dredger: Was launched in 1876 and met its end 1902 when a steamer decided to change course and plowed into her side. It sits upright at 30m with buckets still in tact and lots of life.
The list is now up, first come first served but please remember the accommodation may fluctuate in cost and I would need payment for the accommodation as soon as possible.
Air fills not a problem as places nearby.