Sat 15th to Sun 16 th August – Tyneside South Shields

Pat Spencer and Phil Darlington are planning to take one of the club ribs to Tyneside staying in the Little Haven Hotel, launching from the Council owned slip next to it.

We intend to dive 3 wrecks, Oslofjord, Eston & another TBC, (2 Saturday and 2 Sunday). We’ll dive the Oslojford twice as the non-tidal dive, its big enough to have 2 different dives. The slack timing may mean reasonably early starts, we will come back to the hotel between dives. The marks for the location of the Eston and A N Other are unconfirmed meaning we can’t guarantee they are there or what condition they are in, this is the nature of expedition diving and adds to the excitement. The two wrecks will be between 25m – 35m and Oslojford is at 15m.

The trip is open to Sports Divers (who have completed their depth progression) and above.
Costs are expected to be around £155:00 per person for the 3 days (excluding lunch and evening meals).
This is made up from: Tow fee & Boat Fuel £73:00, Accommodation £82 (£41 per person per night inc Breakfast), the boat fuel costs will reduce if we can’t make it to the MS Pilsudski.
As with all club trips signing up commits you to your share of the costs. If you have to drop out and you can’t find a replacement you will be expected to pay your share of any cost incurred.