Trip Report St Helena 16-27th January 2020

We drove to Heathrow  on Thurs to travel overnight to Johannesburg, spent Friday catching up on sleep and visiting The Apartheid Museum before catching the Saturday flight to St Helena, famous for housing the exiled Napoleon after Waterloo and for its importance to The East India Company  trading spices and slaves.  Our accommodation was a 2-bed bungalow with views across the steep valley to the southern Atlantic Ocean.

We dived for 5 days with Subtropic Adventures from the jetty in Jamestown. Our skipper and dive guide Anthony made sure we were safe and well looked after, essential as the nearest hyperbaric chamber is in Cape Town, South Africa.

With 25m viz, the sea temperature a comfortable 24C and the ocean a stunning bright blue we dived a variety of sites: caves, rocky reefs, swim throughs pinnacles and two wrecks.


A very large pod of Pantropic dolphin with young on the way out to the dive sites, snorkelling with a whale shark, Chilean Devil Rays with accompanying remorays, amberjacks hunting for flounder, tuna, shoals of St Helena Butterfly Fish, Squirrel Fish, Atlantic Trumpet Fish, Diamond Lizard fish, Ascension Needle fish, Crawfish and Atlantic Trigger fish.