RIB Dive Calendar (and tides) – 2017-2018

UK Dive Dates for 2018  

Neap weekends (good tides) are shown on the table below – as are the weekends with less favorable spring tides. I have shown whether tides are Onto Springs (getting worse over the weekend) or coming off Springs – getting better as the weekend progresses.  I would recommend reviewing tides for the area of your trip to be sure which weekends are suitable for trips.

Dive managers if you have any plans then please advise asap of dates you may want to reserve. Don’t forget to speak to Steve about boat or equipment bookings.

Weekend Date

Trip Type

Dive Manager

March – weekends    
3rd – 4th Spring    
10th – 11th – Neap    
17th – 18th – Onto Spring    
24th–25th – Onto Neap Menai Boat Run – Sunday 25th
Both boats in use
Paul / Kevin

Diving on the Saturday.

BBQ Saturday Night

31st – 1st April – Spring Hardboat Dive
From Sovereign Marina Eastbourne, with Dive 125
Boats available for a RIB Trip
 Pat and Phil
April – weekends    
7th – 8th – Onto Neaps    
12th – 13th – off Neaps    
19th – 20th – Off Springs    
26th – 27th – Off Neaps Norway Narvik Trip
Boats available for a RIB Trip
May – weekends    
5th – 6th- 7th – off Springs Bank Holiday Shell Island Trip – Kevin and Phil F arranging a weekend of diving, BBQs and fun.
all welcome – divers, snorkellers and families.
12th – 13th – Onto Spring    
19th – 20th  – Onto Neaps (Shipwreck Project Trip)
Boats available for RIB Diving.GWC RIB Trip – Anglesey

Welly, Jon, Clive

26th – 27th – Onto Springs Bank Holiday   Pembrokeshire Trip – Pat and Phil

Weekend and boats are available for RIB Trip

June – weekends    
1st – 2nd – off Springs    
9th – 10th – off Neaps Highball Photogrammetry Trip. Loch Striven Kevin
16th – 17th – Springs    
23rd – 24th – Neaps GWC RIB Trip – Lleyn Peninsula  Welly, Jon, Clive
30th – 1st July  – Low springs    
July – weekends    
7th – 8th –  Neaps GWC RIB Trip – Whitby  Welly, Jon, Clive
14th – 15th – Springs    
21st – 22nd – Neaps    
28th – 29th – Onto Springs Scilly Isles Trip
Boats available for a RIB Trip
August – weekends    
4th – 5th –  Neaps GWC Rib Trip – Porth Colmon (Wales)  Welly, Jon, Clive
11th – 12th – Springs    
18th – 19th – onto Neaps Northern Scotland Trip
Boats available for a RIB Trip
25th – 26th – After Neaps – onto Springs    
September – weekends    
1st – 2nd Onto Neaps    
8th – 9th – Onto Springs    
15th – 16th – onto Neaps GWC RIB Trip – – Isle of Whithorn (Scotland)  Welly, Jon, Clive
22nd – 23rd – After Neaps    
29th – 30th – onto Springs    
October – weekends    
6th – 7th –  After Neaps    
13th – 14th – Springs    
20th – 21st – Just after Neaps    
27th – 28th – Springs Mull Trip
Boats available for a RIB Trip
November – weekends    
3rd – 4th – Neaps    
10th – 11th – After Springs    
17th – 18th – Neaps    
24th – 25th – Springs    


Data relating to tides for 2017/2018 has been obtained from the following: 

http://www.cams.bangor.ac.uk/realtime/local_forecasts/tide_tables/next/caernar.htm and http://www.cardiffbsac.org/tides

Paper tide tables can be obtained cheaply from www.laverpublishing.com