New Trailer Arrives at ECSAC

The club has invested just over £3,000 in a new trailer for Cheshire Cat.  Our old trailer was kept on the road by the boathouse boys and a good deal of maintenance, but given how much we use it and how many miles it was doing we decided that a new trailer was needed to ensure we keep our trips problem free. 

We did a deal with Indespension in Bolton and have now collected our new Roller Coaster 10 trailer, complete with spare wheel and hub flushing kit.

This trailer has a higher carrying capacity than our other trailers and will allow us to carry some kit on the boat (or shotlines etc) without breaching the weight limit on the trailer.

It also has running lights which should make our towing safer. (LED submersible side & front markers built into a handy step).

Click on any photo for a larger hi-res version. 


Trailer safely installed in the Boat House.