Norfolk Wreck Diving - 3rd & 4th September 2022

Mark Hickson is running an exploratory dive trip for two boats to dive some of the wrecks off the north of Norfolk.

The aim is to dive wrecks in the 20 – 35m range, making it suitable for Dive Leaders, and experienced Sports Divers at the discretion of the trip organiser and DO; however, you should expect to be diving wrecks at up to 35m. As this is an unknown location to the club, the trip can’t support everyone being Sports Divers, or at least Sports Divers with low sea and wreck experience. Newer divers are encouraged to join the trip but a balanced range of experience will be needed. 


Diving on the Saturday will aim to be 2 dives but Sunday may need to be a single dive day, due to tide times and getting those towing away at a reasonable time. The weekend is a neaps weekend, but low water slack is very early in the morning; this may mean very early starts without time to get a breakfast in the morning at the accommodation.

Some of the wrecks may be 10-15miles offshore from our launch location, so people will need to be happy travelling distances on a rhib and will need to wear lifejackets. The trip is limited to 12 people (6 per rhib) for this reason.

Accommodation is likely to be pub B & B, twin bedroom rooms at about £60 per person per night. 

For more information please contact Mark Hickson.