Existing Divers

Joining an active BSAC club like ECSAC will give you the opportunity to take your diving to the next level.  Whatever your level of experience you will find something in our club to challenge you and take you on an adventure.

Whether it is training through the BSAC Diver Grades, becoming an instructor, joining our many dive trips or starting out on expedition diving or joining one of our planned projects and diving with a purpose.  You will find something to challenge and excite you.

We often have divers contact us asking about UK diving and if it can offer what diving abroad does.  In truth, it may not be as warm, but UK diving is just as exciting and full of life as anywhere else!

If you’ve only ever dived abroad we will give you the skills you need to dive in the UK which will help improve your skills abroad and don’t forget, we do organise trips overseas too!

Opportunities with ECSAC

As an existing diver if you fancy getting involved in exciting expedition then ECSAC is the club for you.

Recent expeditions include:

  • project highball;
  • photogrammetry at Loch Striven; and
  • South Shields exploration.

Find out more on our expeditions page.

With East Cheshire Sub Aqua club you can progress from Ocean Diver to Sports Diver, Dive leader and Advanced Diver, we can even support you up to the heady heights of First Class Diver if you wish. The club can provide much of the training and support that you need to progress as far as you want.

You can even take the step to becoming an Open Water Instructor, anyone who is a Sports Diver or above can take the Instructor Foundation Course and become an Assistant Instructor.  From there it is a matter of practicing and developing your skills and then attending the Open Water Instructor Course and the Practical and Theory Instructor Exams.