Diving with a BSAC club is one of the most cost effective ways to further your diver training as well as to dive regularly.

A great social life! BSAC divers are a sociable bunch and the topside social activities just enhance the whole club and diving experience. In short, you get a ready-made group of divers to go diving with, regular dive trips and training opportunities and a whole group of new friends.

BSAC diver training includes modules that would normally be a paid for separately with other agencies.

An already qualified diver coming into BSAC can access many of these training modules – such as nitrox, rescue skills and drysuit diving – for free with their BSAC club as part of their membership, if they have not been included in their training to-date.

BSAC provides a full range of Skill Development Courses (SDCs) which are great value for money. Whether a diver’s focus is on core skills, technical, seamanship, wrecks, underwater photography or marine life, BSAC has a course to match. For a full list of SDCs and prices go to bsac.com/skilldevelopment

Access to a wide range of in-club skills, knowledge and experience among your fellow club members as well as training guidance and advice from BSAC HQ.

As a BSAC member, you are entitled to the full range of benefits, including third party liability insurance and monthly issues of SCUBA magazine.

You can also make the most of the BSAC Benefits package, including savings on diving holidays.

Hear from one of our members about his experience crossing over to BSAC…