Whether you’re new to diving, a seasoned professional or a toe dipper we can accommodate all

Ocean Diver Course

Sports Diver Course

Dive Leader Course

Advanced Diver Course

Specialised Courses

There are a multitude of additional courses we can run to help you progress your skills as a diver.  These courses cover BSAC recognised skills such as:

  • Technical diving
  • Boat handling
  • Twin set diving
  • Mixed gases
  • Chartwork
  • Diver coxwain
  • Many health and safety courses including diver first aid
  • Underwater photography
  • Ice diving
  • Wreck diving
  • Cave diving
  • Buoyancy and trim
  • Marine life appreciation
  • Search and recovery

We can also deliver more specialised courses such as Nautical Archaeology and Photogrammetry.  Here at ECSAC we avtively encourage our members to seek out new skills and to bring them to the club.