Impromtu Anglesey Weekend - 1st - 3rd September 2023

Phil prepped Top Cat on Thursday evening ready to tow it to Anglesey on Friday evening.

We met Anna, Mark and Julian at 8.30am in the car park at Rhoscolyn in order to set up our kit, prepare and load Top Cat ready for launching. This was to be Julian’s first sea dive.

Phil had planned 2 non tidal dives, however the first site on The Beacons had a strong tidal flow at either end therefore he decided to move to the small rocky island beneath the Coastguard Station. As Mark’s ears wouldn’t clear Anna dived with Julian.

The viz was 2/3m at best and the site was silty. The water temperature was 17C –about 3C more than we expected. The rocks were covered in short red weed, and Deadman’s Fingers. We spotted lobster, Velvet Swimming Crab. Ballan Wrasse, Gobies, Tompot Blennies, Comon Prawns, Boring and Elephant Hide Sponges, Hornwrack , Star Sea Squirts, numerous  Sea Orange  and Bloody Henry Starfish.

Julian’s first sea dive was 58 minutes long—- brilliant buoyancy and gas consumption!!

We went back to Rhoscolyn to change Julian’s cylinder and take an early lunch break.

Our second dive was The Kimya. at 15m.  Mark shotted the wreck. The viz was 2/3m, and there was a slight surge which washed the detached seaweed back and forth. Again, a silty site but a significant amount, of marine life. Large lobster, Spider Crab, Saithe, Pollack, Cod, Velvet Swimming Crab, Gobies. The port side was covered in Common Prawn.

We were joined by Amelia and her mum, Alison on Sunday. We dived The Beacons in the morning and The Ledges beneath the Coastguard Station in the afternoon. Both sites were silty and the viz again 2/3 m. The Beacons did not have the usual variety of life. We spotted Velvet Swimming Crab, Boring and Elephant Hide Sponge, Sea Orange and Finger Bryzoa. There was a distinct lack of Edible Crab and Lobster. The second dive was much better. We found Lobster, Squat Lobster, Edible and Velvet Swimming Crab, Tompot Blennies, several species of Goby, Cuckoo and Ballan Wrasse, Gold Sinny, Snakelock, White Striped and Burrowing  Anemones, Elephant Hide, Black Tar and Hedgehog Sponge. 

A super weekend with two of our newer diving members, Julian and Amelia, extending their sea experience.  Thanks to Mark, Anna, Julian, Amelia and Alison for joining us.  Thanks to Pahil for towing, launching and recovering Top Cat and for planning the dives. 

Trip Organisers: Pat & Phil