BSAC's 70th Celebrations at Capernwray - 29th September 2023

A number of club members went to Capers on Friday 29th September, to represent East Cheshire Sub Aqua Club at BSAC’s 70th birthday event. It was a very successful days diving with the water being crystal and warm! We were lucky with the weather and it was fairly sunny most of the day.

There was lots to do if you wished to get involved, a raffle, try kit masks, fins, computers, rebreather! Find the gold bars for a prize! None of us managed to, so no prizes came home! Good deals to be had on dive gear though, torches for a tenner! Sets of regs half price! All good stuff!

I think the scooter hire people got most of the gold bars, you could hear them wizzing round Capers causing a current as they sped along.

There were talks from Sea Search, Apeks, photography etc. Generally a good day all round.

– Clive