Circus Party Night - 18th November 2023

The night the circus came to the club – a resounding success!
The result of the months of hard work, which Andy, Paul and Clive put into designing and constructing the transformation of our clubhouse into a circus Big Top, were finally revealed on Saturday evening.
The entrance lobby was truly stunning. A wonderfully entertaining and fun immersive display in multiple parts. The was the roaring, caged lion. The dangerous and most mysterious beast lurking in the dark depths of the storeroom if you dared venture in there. The wall of hilarious club talent acts. So much to stop and wonder over, before you even entered the stunning Big Top itself. With it’s broad, sweeping rolls of cloth arching from wall to wall of the ceiling and gathered at it’s highest point, and an array of lights twinkling away, the social committee and organising team had truly outdone themselves. And of course, no circus would be complete without a popcorn stand, knife-throwers board (that had plenty of use as the night progressed!), and top tunes music provided by our resident DJ, Tim Lane. What a night!

An excellent array circus themed hot food, plus desserts, was prepared by Janice and her sister, Trina, and this was very much enjoyed by everyone there. Many a happy club member ventured for second and third helpings!

To top it off, it was wonderful to see so many people had worn fancy dress, which added to the atmosphere further. Especially when the pride of lions took to the dance floor. “In the jungle, the mighty jungle…” indeed! 🎶🎵

Thank you to everyone who worked so very hard to make this such a fantastic event for members, family, and friends.