Sound of Mull - 8th - 15th June 2024

We travelled to Oban on Saturday to catch the ferry to the Isle Mull. Our accommodation was Salen Pier House. We settled in, stacked the fridge and freezers with food for the week then sorted our kit ready to meet our skipper Dave from Lochaline Boat Charters on Sunday. As the winds were north westerly our pickup point was Tobermory.

The weather was distinctly cool all week therefore we were all grateful for the warmth of the cabin and hot drinks during our surface intervals. Water temperature was 11C and underwater visibility 6/8m. The plankton bloom had started.

During the week buddy pairs took turns cooking an evening meal, clearing the kitchen and stacking the dishwasher.  We ate out on Friday at the Craignure Inn, as this gave us time to remove our kit from the boat, load the cars ready for the return ferry crossing on Saturday morning and to leave the house tidy for the cleaners.

Dive Sites

  • Sunday: Wrecks of The Shuna and The Hispania (full springs, on the ebb tide meant there was a current running on it for the whole of the dive).

  • Monday: Scenic: Sgeir Mor and Risga Wall.

  • Tuesday: Flame Shell beds in Loch Sunart and The Rondo.

  • Wednesday: Calm weather enabled us to dive The Arania and The Tapti on the Isle of Coll.

  • Thursday: Scenic: Waterfalls and Auliston Wall.

  • Friday: Calve Island and The Shuna.

As the Sound of Mull has strong tides the marine life was diverse and colourful. Orange and white Deadmens Fingers, Red Fingers, Scottish Sea Fan, Devonshire Cup Coral, green, orange and white Plumose Anemones, Sea Loch, Whited Striped, Dahlia, Elegant and walls of Cluster and Jewel Anemones. Sandy areas were home to Burrowing Anemones Sand Masons, Gobies, Dragonets, King and Queen Scallops. Yellowed Ringed, Red Ascidia, Gas Mantle, Light Bulb and Football Sea Squirts were common. Several species of sponge, hydroids and Bryozoa covered rocky and metal surfaces. Lobster, Edible and Velvet Swimming Crabs, Long Clawed Squat Lobster, Crawfish, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse, Pollack and nudibranchs were seen.

Best Finds


  • Crawfish, Octopus, Flame Shells, Horse Anemones. Sea Lemons. Butterfish, SeaToads and Sponge Crabs.

  • Nudibranchs: Violet, Crystal Tips, Polycera and Fjordia Browni were common.  

  • Mark found Aeolidia filomenae a nudibranch that feeds on Horse Anemones and Anna spotted Lomanotus genei which feeds on Antennae hydroids.

Above water

  • Watching Sea Eagles feeding, seals on the surface, Golden Eagles. Puffins.

Underwater photos taken by Mark

Thanks to Catherine & Wilf, Mark & Anna, Cameron, Hannah, Janet, Tim, & Jan for making this a very successful and enjoyable trip.

– Pat & Phil


Watching the sea eagle feeding