Boat Launch: Menai Straits 3rd March 2013

March the 3rd saw what has now become an annual event and something with which to help kick off the new season but this time with the naming and launching of our lovely new RIB, TopCat.

Over 40 members, families and friends gathered at Dinas Marine on the Menai Straits in stunning weather to celebrate the ex Olympic boat being named and launched for the first time with ECSAC. The day was a celebration of our Snorkelers being awarded National Snorkel Club of the year by BSAC in 2012 and the honour of naming the RIB Top Cat went to young Alex Vale who gave a little speech and who after ‘champagne’ was poured over the bows gave a big push sending the boat off on her way with probably a 20+ years life ahead and who knows what adventures in store?

We were joined for the ceremony by a boat and crew from Hartford BSAC who sort of misread the ‘standing orders’ and disappeared from site went once round Puffin Island, first at Beaumaris chip shop, first at Caenarvon ice cream van and when we returned to the launch site were gone – hi Mike – only  pulling your leg – it was good to see them.

It was grand day out with lots to see (including the sun which was nice) so a big thank you to all who came and commiserations to those who couldn’t make it.

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