RIB Dive Calendar (and tides) – 2019

UK Dive Dates for 2019 

Neap weekends (good tides) are shown on the table below – as are the weekends with less favorable spring tides. I have shown whether tides are Onto Springs (getting worse over the weekend) or coming off Springs – getting better as the weekend progresses.  I would recommend reviewing tides for the area of your trip to be sure which weekends are suitable for trips.

Dive managers if you have any plans then please advise asap of dates you may want to reserve. Don’t forget to speak to Steve about boat or equipment bookings.

Data relating to tides for 2019 has been obtained from the following: 

http://www.cams.bangor.ac.uk/realtime/local_forecasts/tide_tables/next/caernar.htm and http://www.cardiffbsac.org/tides

Paper tide tables can be obtained cheaply from www.laverpublishing.com

2019 Good Dive Weekends