Take your diving to the next level.

Joining an active BSAC club like ECSAC will give you the opportunity to take your diving to the next level.  Whatever your level of experience you will find something in our club to challenge you and take you on an adventure.

Whether it is training through the BSAC Diver Grades, becoming an instructor, joining our many dive trips or starting out on expedition diving or joining one of our planned projects and diving with a purpose.  You will find something to challenge and excite you.




We can offer support and training through all the BSAC Diver Grades, right up to First Class Diver.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor then we can support you with that and with our large membership base there will be plenty of opportunity to practice and hone your skills. 

You can find more details here.

If you are interested in diving with a purpose then we run a number of expeditions.

Indeed our most recent expedition was featured in Scuba Magazine and described as “Expedition Diving At Its Best”

Project Highball was led by East Cheshire SAC and drew together divers from a number of clubs up and down the country.

We also have a number of other projects in the pipeline, and we will be running expeditions that involve as many of our club members as possible.

We are also organising training with the Nautical Archaeology Society to build the project diving capability within the club so that we can embark on more varied and exiting projects in the future and we are applying for grants that will enable us to improve our facilities and equipment so we can support more projects going forward.

Join the club and join the adventure..