Technical Dive Trips

BSAC’s North West Region has been running open circuit and closed circuit technical courses for more than 2 years. ECSAC has a number of qualified technical divers with qualifications down to 100m.  As you will see from our club facilities page we have the capability to deliver Nitrox and Trimix fills in house and boost gas to 300bar if needed.

Due to increasing demand for technical dive courses, particularly open circuit, our members have run many regional courses through 2017, training 3 Twinset, 15 ADP, 16 EMG OC, 7 CCR, 1 OC MG instructor and 1 CCR instructor. It became apparent that these divers needed a means of progressing their technical diving within an experienced group and this led to the formation of the Northern Technical Group. This was established by the NW Coach (and ECSAC Member Mark Paisey) to offer progressive diving for its members having completed courses and allow progression to Explorer and Advanced Mixed Gas once experience has been built.

The group had its first trip in late 2017 with a set of deeper dives on Scimitar out of Portland diving the Salsette at 49m and the U 322 at 54m.  You can see the trip report for that here.

If you are interested in Technical Diving then please get in touch with our Diving Officer who will be happy to discuss the options you have to either join ECSAC trips or extend your training into the technical area.

We can train you in deeper technical diving and take you from Ocean Diver right through to 80 meter Hypoxic Trimix Diving.




Technical Dive Trips

See  for more details.    Contact Mark Paisey if you are interested. – 07990 605646

Deep Channel Wrecks – 22/23 September 2018.
Cost is £120 for the weekend with one dive a day. We will target offshore sites beyond the normal but this is weather dependent in the 50-60m range. There are back ups inshore. A £30 deposit is required to secure a place and balance will be the month before. Once you pay the deposit you either need to pay the balance or find a replacement for your space if you need to pullout. Full refund if similar dives not possible due weather.

22/23 September’s trip targets are Romsdalen in 60m and Martha in 50m.

You can see an example of this kind of dive from a trip we did previously – diving the Romsdalen.

We are fairly sure this wreck is the Romsdalen although to my knowledge no bell or other identification has been recovered. Her holds are full of patent fuel which is coal dust compressed in to bricks, all the bricks are stamped with the name Phoenix. The size, vintage and cargo all point to the Romsdalen. Relatively intact and standing eight metres off the bottom she makes a great dive and feels like diving on a ship rather than a pile of scrap, so it’s one for the tourer who likes to make sense of it all.

Watch a video of one of our trips in 2017.  Read the trip report here.

The North West BSAC team run many Tech Events, please take a look and reserve you seat on the NW BSAC POE booking platform.