All about ECSAC

The Club was formed in 1960 making it one of the oldest sports diving clubs in the UK and forms part of the British Sub Aqua Association of Clubs. See more about our history here. We are BSAC Branch 100 indicating our early affiliation in the history of BSAC. We are also the largest BSAC club in the North-West.

We have our own purpose built club house, boat room, two boats, a compressor with gas blending facilities, training kit and fully licensed bar! Your membership entitles you to use these fantastic facilities and your air fills are also free (included in your membership fees). We also provide Nitrox and Trimix at very low cost as we simply pass on the cost of these to our members and do not seek to make any profit.

We also offer a wide selection of training regularly delivering Skill Development Courses (equivalent to PADI Specialties), Rescue Training as well as the full BSAC Diver Training Programme.  We also host BSAC regional events at our clubhouse including instructor training, first aid courses and compressor operator and mixed gas blender courses.



With our own boats or hiring the services of a charter boat we regularly run trips to all parts of the country and around the world..

From the Orkney’s to the Isles of Scilly the club has dived many of the most amazing sites in and around the UK.

We also run expedition diving with trips to hard to reach places often with specific objectives to map, explore and sometimes to recover objects of historical importance (See the page on Project Highball).


We also run trips further afield as well, with trips to Norway, The Azores, Spain, Oman and Egypt among the many exotic places the club visits.


We have also visited Nemo 33 on a number of occasions and mix that up with a visit to the Christmas Markets in Brussels.


If you’re BSAC qualified then you can start diving with us as soon as you like. If you’ve qualified under a different agency you can dive with us under that qualification and we can also offer you a free cross-over course, which will cover some of the differences between BSAC and other agencies.  We would also be happy to extend your training to cover higher dive grades, deeper diving, technical diving or into dive management or boat handling etc.

Whatever your experience and interest you can be sure that we have something to offer you!

If it’s scenic or wreck diving, shallow or deep, with a club of well over 100 members you can be sure to find like minded people who will be happy to join you, we organise over 1000 dives per year so there will always be plenty of trips available and don’t forget diving isn’t just about the diving, we regularly organise social events as well and we invite other local clubs along to many of them!

One of our most popular big socials we run is the now famous Menai Boat Run, from humble beginnings with just two boats it has now expanded to over 20 different clubs and over thirty boats getting out on the Menai Straits to test out boats before the season starts and to have some fun and socialise with our diving friends from across the region.

In addition to the fun we also raise a lot of money for the RNLI who are kind enough to join us on our blast under the two Menai Bridges.  In 2017 we donated a total of well over £1500 to various lifeboat charities.

You can watch the video of our 2016 outing below.

We also run a lot of in house social events as we are very lucky to have our own large clubhouse with the capacity to take over 100 guests at events.

Halloween Party

We run many events through the year, from Barn Dances and Halloween Parties..


to spectacular Undersea Balls..