New to Scuba Diving?

At ECSAC we can take you through the BSAC training programme with our friendly, fully qualified instructors up to the level of Advanced Diver. Training starts in the safe environment of Macclesfield Leisure Centre every Thursday at 8.00pm.

We will provide all your training kit while you are getting started and we will go at a pace that suits you.  All our training kit is brand new and available free for the duration of your initial Ocean Diver training (subject to a refundable £100 deposit).

pooltraining Initial costs are around £300 (for adults) which includes your membership to BSAC, training pack, initial joining fee and covers the costs of your training. This reduces to the standard club fees of around £200 for subsequent years. Payment can be made monthly via direct debit which will spread these costs over 10 months and means you can pay as little as £14.50 per month for your full ongoing branch membership. Club fees include the use of our fantastic facilities, your free air fills and membership to BSAC. The only additional cost is your entry to the pool if you choose to use it. There is a full breakdown of costs on our Membership Page.

newtoscubaBSAC qualifications are recognised and accepted around the world due to the high standard of training. The initial qualification of Ocean Diver consists of pool exercises, lectures and open water training. When you’re ready and confident we’ll then take you to one of the more sheltered dive locations and you can continue your training during one of the many trips the club runs. Once qualified you will be able to use your qualification to dive around the world down to 20 meters.

Joining ECSAC means you get to join one of the best clubs in the UK.  We have been featured on BBC Breakfast and have won many awards for the good work we do in the diving community as well as the expeditions and projects we get involved in.

We can introduce you to the amazing underwater world and you’re only a few lessons away from enjoying scuba diving anywhere in the world.

Further Training

With East Cheshire Sub Aqua club you can progress from Ocean Diver to Sports Diver, Dive leader and Advanced Diver, we can even support you up to the heady heights of First Class Diver if you wish. The club can provide much of the training and support that you need to progress as far as you want.

Interested? Want to know more? Please drop us an email to

You can also find a lot more information about the club on the other pages of our website, particularly on the “All about ECSAC Page” so have a look around and if you are interested please either drop us an email or fill in the enquiry form below.

We can’t promise you mermaids but then again you may meet one or two of them if you hang around the club for long enough.

Try Dives

If you’re interested in Scuba Diving but aren’t sure whether it’s for you then why not join us for a Try Dive. This is a chance to sample Scuba Diving where we will give you a taster in the pool for 45 minutes and loan you all the gear you need (we have brand new Aqua Lung BCDs and Apex Regulators so you can be sure you are getting the best and safest gear as you can see in the photos).  We will provide a qualified diver who can show you have the equipment works and let you have a swim around underwater to see whether you like it.  For a one off payment of £20 our fully qualified instructors can introduce you to the thrills of diving in the safe environment of the local swimming pool, followed by a tour of our clubhouse and a free drink.

We run try dives from 7:30pm to 9pm on a Thursday during school term times.  If you are interested in a try dive then please contact our try-dive coordinator via –


Contact us for more details.