ECSAC Projects in the Pipeline

Our next projects

We are now looking at our potential next projects to involve our members in and we are working with a number of other organisations to make this happen.

I aim to share the details as they develop but for now here are a few ideas in the pipeline:

Lake District Search and Recovery project.

We will be having a professional sidescan and magnetometer survey done over the winter to gain more insight into locations and status of interesting objects.  We aim to arrange some club trips in which all divers will have an opportunity to participate once we have identified locations and objects.

Sidescan Data Analysis

Once we have the sidescan data I will be happy to share this with members and also run some workshops on how to process and assess the data.  We will be looking for people to get involved in this work. You can see examples of the kind of data we will be using on the Project Highball page.

3D Photogrammetry

This is a technique which is being used more widely, and one which I would like to start to use for club projects.  I aim to run a trip back up to Loch Striven (over a weekend and Launching from Largs) to dive the Highballs and capture pictures of both a highball and an X-Craft Side-charge so that we can produce some 3d Photogrammetry images of them.   We will need photographers involved with this work and again will be happy for people to get involved and learn these techniques as we go along.    You can see a large scale piece of Photogramettry here…

Wreck Identification and Research

One of our members has an interest in a wreck off the east coast and we plan to do some identification dives and hopefully some detailed research on the vessel to enable a definitive identification to be made and to unearth some of the history of the vessel.  We have a target name in mind for the vessel that links it to our member as one of his family served on the ship.  This should be an opportunity to dive on an interesting wreck and to back this up with research and detailed documentation with the objective of eventually positively identifying the ship and its history.


All of the above projects will allow us to develop valuable skills within the club and hopefully open some doors to more trips and projects in the future.

This is not science fiction and something we can do as a club – so if you are interested in getting involved in some of these activities please let me know.

You can also see another example of a scrollable 3D model of a Torpedo (courtesy of the Shipwreck Project – now Deeper Dorset) here.