My Life in the blue stuff – tales from the early days of scuba diving with ECSAC

By Alan Heywood        

Alan is one of the original members of the club from back in the 1960’s.  He has some amazing stories and has dived with and met some of the real superstars of the diving world.  He will be doing a weekly feature for our club newsletter regaling stories from the past, it will also be featured here on the website with more pictures and details.  We start with how Alan was first introduced to diving and his first tentative steps into the water.

Chapter 1 – How it all started.   

Chapter 2 – Free Diving & Bluebird (working on the world speed record team)!

Chapter 3 – ECSAC, New Friends and Diver Training

Chapter 4 – The Club Room and Air Supplies

Chapter 5 – Lamorna Cove – 18 Years of Easter Dives and Shipwreck hunting!

Chapter 6 – More Lamorna, A dive to remember. Lloyd Poulton. (The Master Diver and Bridge Climber), John Rhodes and our compressor.

Chapter 7 – Devon, D-Day and other debris

Chapter 8 – Devon, Freinds, Boats and travel

Chapter 9 – Torey Canyon, ECSAC in cleanup and seabird  rescue

Chapter 10 – Blue holes of Andros

Chapter 11 – St Kilda, other Islands and Keith Floyd

Chapter 12 – More Islands, please don’t feed the animals

Chapter 13 – BSAC above the Blue Stuff

Chapter 14 – Things worth another look. (Small party projects)

Chapter 15 – Ireland and shore diving in Israel

Chapter 16 – More Drive and Dive in Egypt

Chapter 17 – Early dive equipment and DIY Efforts

Chapter 18 – Diving Friends

My Life in the Blue Stuff Live – 16th August

Alan can be contacted by email – Alan J Heywood <>