Trip Report – Farnes Trip – November 2018

Fred organised the trip and says – “This weekend 14th ECSAC Buddies went dive in the Farne’s, the weather turned out to be quite nice apart from been cold. 

We manage 4 good dives with seals, the visibility wasn’t best apart from the second dive that was really good for UK with a maximum depth of 17M.

Saturday night we warmed up in the put and went for a Italian meal.  I think everyone really enjoy the weekend”

Trip Report by Vesta.

After arriving at a rather nice bed a breakfast run by our excellent skipper we settled in for the night ready for the next days activities!
8am launch and a boat ride across to the Farne Islands. The object of the day was to play with seals. Alas they weren’t feeling very playful quite possibly due to poor vis thanks to the storm the day before. However the second dive proved to be more fruitful for some (Helen and Vesta had yet to have a proper encounter ☹️)  That night A lovely Italian for tea left us all full and needing sleep.
Day 2 and we decided to try the seals again, this time proving to be a little more curious. We soon discovered that playing hide and seek with them was great fun and they came to investigate. Some belly rubs and tickles were had and we were all happy! The second dive was a wall dive which was full of life. Crabs, lobsters, shrimp, longestines, hermits, and a fish that we have yet to identify (very small, very long and thin, stripes black and white…answers on a post card please!)


Photos from Vesta, Alex and Helen.

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