The Norfolk Chalk Reef Weekend – Trimingham 11th 12th Sept 2020

Following a request from Helen Hamer, Pat Spencer and Phil Darlington (assisted by Tim Porter) are planning a dive weekend on the Norfolk Chalk Reefs. The Cromer Shoals Chalk Bed was created when dinosaurs ruled the earth and has been found to be the longest in the world. At over 20 miles long the 100-million-year-old reef is one-and-a-half times longer than the Thanet Coast chalk reef in Kent, the former record holder. We intend to dive the section between Cromer and Trimingham.

This will be a club Rhib trip for a single boat as launching on the Norfolk coast can be challenging often requiring two 4×4 per boat, also the lodge accommodation are 6 bed lodges.  We’ll share the coxing so everyone will be able to dive and explore the chalk reefs. Two scenic dives per day around 10m – 15m. One of the dives each day will be a drift dive.






Qualification: Ocean Diver (must be comfortable with gentle drift diving) or above.