River Leven Drift Dive – February 26 2017

ECSAC were approached by Potteries BSAC to do a collaborative dive up in the lakes.  This was a drift dive in the River Leven (it runs out of the south end of Lake Windermere near Newby Bridge).

The River Leven is a short river in the county of Cumbria, falling within the historic boundaries of Lancashire. It drains Windermere at its southernmost point at Fell foot and flows for approximately 8 miles into the northern reaches of Morecambe bay. The dive begins at Fell Foot Park and ends at the Swan Hotel Newby Bridge.

ECSAC had 10 divers out doing the inter-club dive organised by Potteries BSAC. In total there were 50+ divers in the river and 7 clubs represented, the dives varied between 40 minutes to 1hr20 depending on the route taken and whether people got off track and caught up in back eddies.


Everyone seemed to have fun and we all retired to the very swanky Swan Hotel to warm up and get some lunch. In all we had 16 people from ECSAC at the event and a great day was had by all.

A couple of our divers got carried away and had to be prodded by an oar from the safety boat to surface before going too far and missing the exit!


This is likely to be an annual event so if you fancy it next year please keep an eye out for the trip announcement.