Diving The Garden Route – Under Menai Bridge – 14th August 2016

This really is a spectacular shore dive. We had about 4 M viz, which I think is pretty good considering how poor the viz has been on some dives.

20160813_091519[3a]The entry is a bit tricky, you have to lower your gear down and scramble down rocks, then walk across more rocks to the shore line, can be a bit slippy too. Little bit of a surface swim to the drop off and then down you go. The depth evens out to about 19 M and you could swim out to the center of the straights if you are good at navigating. We went out to the straights and came back into shore and back up the cables and onto the beach

20160813_101025What did we see? so many crabs and lobsters. different types of star fish, shrimps, blennies, wrasse, butter fish, scorpion fish  and different types of sponges and anemones. This is definitely one for Macro!!

This site has to be dived on slack at a neap tide, we had perfect diving conditions and managed 60 minutes with no feel of current, It’s on our shore dive list now, well worth it!!